About The Swoosh – Timeline


Original Concept Drawn


Build of first snowsailer and testing at *Falls Creek*. It was found to be too heavy, over engineered and impractical


Re-engineer original chassis, drop height of suspension, change storage box assembly. *Antarctica Peninsula*


Realised that the Snowsailer was still too complex. Commenced complete redesign and built chassis to change concept. Tested in *Russia* whilst racing at WISSA, The World Ice and Snow Sailing Association championships in Tolyatti.


Took the new design to *Europe* and successfully tested it. Made minor changes to chassis configuration and sail placement.


First known attempt to reach a speed of 100km/h in *Finland*. First known attempt to ride for 24 hours and set distance record. Achieved a speed of 64km/h and a distance of 265km.


Based on success – have now completed redesign, submitted to Red Dot & received Design Concept Award.