Team Swoosh


Age: 58
Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland
Occupation: Adventurer/innovator and publisher
Greatest Adventure Achievement: First person to ever snowsail in Antarctica
Favourite Travel Destination: Anywhere that has ice and snow plateaus
3 Things You Always Pack: Multitool; Headlamp; Music
What do You Bring To The MD/Outer Edge SWOOSH Team: As the designer and innovator of the SWOOSH Snowsailer I have an intimate knowledge of the craft and its needs
Favourite MD Product: Six Foot Convertible Pant
Favourite Food: Rib Eye on the bone
Favourite Movie: The Godfather #1
Favourite Song: Beautiful Day by U2
What Are You Most Looking Forward To In Russia: The opportunity to race as a team and prove that we can compete with the Europeans and North Americans
What/Who Inspires You? Anyone who is prepared to make changes to their lives to get out there and do something unique
What Do You Do To Relax In You Spare Time? Head to the beach


Name: Adrian Manikas
Age: 30 (31 3 days before the race!)
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Expedition Operator/Leader
Greatest Adventure Achievement: Assisted in leading a world first expedition traversing Mount Giluwe (4365m) in Papua New Guinea
Favourite Travel Destination: Greece – an untapped adventure playground!
3 Things You Always Pack: head torch, GPS/emergency comms, some type of hot sauce!
What do You Bring To The MD/Outer Edge SWOOSH Team: Youth and style. Someone needs to make these old guys look good!
Favourite MD Product: My old Gortex Nimbus rain jacket. No matter how much I push it, it never lets me down!
Favourite Food: Grandma’s Moussaka
Favourite Movie: Kung Fu Panda. For some reason a big fat martial artist with a sense of humour who loved food resonated with me…
Favourite Song: So many! Currently “Brother” – The Rural Alberta Advantage
What Are You Most Looking Forward To In Russia:
Everything. Stories, culture, learning, working with the team and
seeing how hard and far we can push ourselves. Also, winning the race….
What/Who Inspires You? My parents. Also a long list of explorers who venture off into the unknown in search of something great.
What Do You Do To Relax In Your Spare Time? I don’t like to relax too much. Any spare time is filled with climbing, going to the gym or riding my bike!